Monday, April 27, 2009

Tom and Tina

The sweetest lady at my work brought in a bunch of her baby tomato plants last week. Knowing Michael would be so proud of me, I took two home. We were thrilled to begin a summer long adventure of *hopefully* growing tomatoes. We immediately purchased the pot, miracle-grow potting soil, and stakes. The weather has been perfect for tomato growing so we have our fingers crossed. I called up my grandpa and asked for his tips on gardening - so far, we're doing well. 

The tomatoes are suppose to be "Mortgage Lifters." They are a 2-4 lbs tomato, great for sandwich making! I endearingly named them Tom and Tina (it's suppose to resemble la Tomatina for those of you non-Spaniards.) Tom is on the left and Tina is on the right. I'll be sure to let you know if they produce! 

Friday, April 24, 2009


Meet my secretary. She is so good at what she does. She keeps my complete schedule, reminds me of birthdays and anniversaries, she notifies me when it's time to go work out or hang out with a friend, she beeps at me when I have an appointment. My secretary also keeps all my contact's addresses on file. She lets me read me emails and check the weather. Apparently she can play music too, but that she has not yet revealed to me.  I pay her well above minimum wage and she loves me back. I've only dropped her once! I highly recommend this personal assistant for anyone needing the aforementioned things.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My name is...

Last time we went to Continental Divide with some friends, I quickly ran in to get us on the waiting list. This restaurant is always so busy and popular - because it's deliciously good - I knew we'd be waiting a while on this Friday evening. Their system is real casual, you walk in and a waitress will come over with a pad of paper and write your name down and number in your party. I walked up to the front and the server walks over and says, "How many?" I tell her 5 and ask how long the wait is. She tells me and moves on to the next hungry customer. I realize I didn't tell her my name and not wanting to get slighted, I interrupt, "Oh sorry, I didn't tell you my name!" The brunette waitress sheepishly looks at me and hesitates by saying, "Oh,uh...haha..yeah. I just wrote Blonde." 

Ok. Blonde. I wasn't offended. I was just mulling over what being labeled as that meant. Still not sure.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love weddings. Here I am at 5 o'clock in the evening -with nothing better to do? No, but I am wasting time looking at pictures and imagining things. I really need to get my wedding website up. Does anyone know of a fantastic web designer who can help me create my masterpiece?
Here's some eye-candy:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Demetri Monterey Carlos

Meet our college fish. Demetri Monterey Carlos were two goldfish that Ashleigh and I bought together to celebrate our first time as college roommates. They were nasty little goldfish that never died. (Until one day when Amanda came to visit and purposely dumped one fourth cup of fish food in their little tank.) During their life however, we took very good care of them. DMC had this strange way of swimming though....they would just swim to the bottom of the rocks and simply float up. They did that all day long. Ashleigh and I together were great at generating cool fish names and couldn't decide on two so we determined that they were collectively to be named "Demetri Monterey Carlos." They were our children.

 Family Portrait:
At one point, we thought they were gone for good. They exhibited even stranger behavior than normal and so  Ashleigh began to get very upset. She didn't like me laughing at the situation and documenting it.

I decided to play some situation-appropriate music to help her mourn the loss of our fishies, but that didn't help her either. Here's a clip from that night. I love it!            

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Boyfriend

I came into kindergarten and little Bruno looks at me and says in his raspy voice: "Where's your boyfriend?" 
Me: "Um Bruno, I don't have a boyfriend. I am married. (Show him ring) This means I have a husband."
Bruno: (in a scolding tone)"Don't you know that your husband is still your boyfriend?!"
Me: ...after a long pause....."Ya know Bruno. You're right. He's still my boyfriend."

Bring on the flowers and romantic dates!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mommy! And Aunt Beth! Boni and Beth are twins. That's where my middle name comes from. Megan Beth. You have a beautiful day (and weekend) to celebrate. Not yet 50!!! That's cool!

Ok. I am sitting here, blogging and I see through my window this asian teenager who I see alot since I come home from work around the same time he walks home from school. I feel as if I've watched him grow up. Today he has a MUSTACHE! wow.

My weekend begins now with wedding overload. You know I love it though. One wedding to attend (woohoo Ryan and Michelle!) and one to coordinate. I'm a rockstar, I know it. They couldn't put on this show without me. It shall be glorious and beautiful and maybe I'll post pictures.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter day! Church was wonderful and the day was beautiful. We only missed being with our families. I had to stay in town to help out with the 5 o'clock service so there was no way we could have squeezed in a moment to drive home. Until Saturday morning, we had no plans. I bumped into my friend at the farmer's market and we made last minute plans to celebrate Easter together. It turned out to be wonderful! 

I didn't realize the materials that I had around the house to pull together a cute table setting! The Uhls, Greg, and Bryan came over and we all shared in a wonderful meal. Amanda made a fabulously delicious pork tenderloin with fig chutney and I whipped up some sides: (because I know you care mom...)
Hashbrown casserole
Sweet potato souffle
Fruit salad
Apple crisp

The only thing that would have made the day better would have been remembering to take a picture of us! I am so bummed. I can't recreate that moment either. Happy Easter!!!

This is her pork. Picture doesn't do it justice, so tasty! 

I wish I had a cool camera

Here are the photos of some of the pieces we have from Shelf Life.  The corners of our house are a little cluttered in these pics so don't hate. But do notice the lovely furniture. Our newest addition is the tall, black shelf you see in the first image (the pub table was a wedding gift from the owners!):

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shelf Life

Ashleigh's family owns this furniture store called Shelf Life. It is fantastic! They sell so many beautiful pieces and sets, I can't wait to be able to furnish a whole room some day. I LOVE the lines that they have for kitchen tables, buffets, and hutches. You can go for the country cottage look, the European wine house look, British colonial, etc. 

Apart from functional furnishings, they offer a magnificent display of accents for the home. Art work adorns the walls, fun decorative kitchen platters, countless wine bottle displays, iron wall art, and they even offer gourmet foods with tastings on Saturdays. They have done such a beautiful job with their showroom. It's two stories and you could spend hours just browsing for the perfect gift. 

It's located right on Main St. of downtown Warrenton. I would highly recommend making the trip to go see it! Here's the link to Shelf Life.  Michael and I just bought some goodies from them this past week. I'll post pictures of them when I get a chance. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We love DC

Yesterday, we drove all through northern Virginia eating, shopping and checking out the cherry trees. Even though the peek has past, the cherry trees were still beautiful. DC was as beautiful and regal as always. Michael and I sat on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial for a while picking out who we thought were spies or secret agents. We think they noticed us. I got this bright idea to come back to DC dressed up in my wedding gown and have Michael put on a suit and my professional photographer friend, Amanda, will do a photo shoot with us. No one will ever know that we didn't just get married! 

Sunbeams on the Lincoln
Michael is so gentle with nature
He's falling
Can you see those sweet pink trees?
Holding the Washington Monument

Thank you, Japs, for these trees.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Looks

What is the Foo Manchu about? Apparently CHS students bid on dressing a teacher of their choice for a day and Michael was picked to be a cowboy. He voluntarily shaved himself this hideousness and went to school expecting a cowboy outfit to be there. The kid didn't pull his weight - so Michael ended up wearing his normal clothes with the Foo Manchu. Michael even had an unexpected translation meeting with people he did not know. He was so creepy, I didn't kiss him until he shaved it off.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Minor delay

I got a new computer and haven't transferred all the good stuff yet. I have a great picture to post of my husband sporting a foomanchu (never tried to spell that word before). Oh no, that will not go unnoticed! Computers aren't as easy to move in to like a new car or a new purse. It seems like you have to restart everything. Anyhow, stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I thought they were cucumbers

I hate it when I buy zucchini instead of cucumbers. I did it again. Those darn squashes got me. I browsed the fresh produce, looked at the prices and saw that cukes were 4 for $3, picked some firm, dark green ones, and went on my way. I really do know what a cucumber looks like, I swear. My goal was to snack on fresh cucumber slices and ranch dressing, but now I am stuck with 2 zucchinis. Yuck. Does anyone have any good suggestions for using these identity theft vegetables? 

I can just hear those little green things chanting, "April fool's you dummy."