Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michael's Birthday

Christmas is well underway now. Thanksgiving was super early this year and it's weird that it's still November. BUT November has been awesome for the Dauberts. Michael celebrated his 28th birthday with a long weekend of fun:

Thursday: I surprised him with a date night to go see Skyfall complete with hot caramel apple cider that we were allowed to take into the theater with us (it's been a couple years, I didn't know you could do that).

Friday: We had dinner a dinner date with the besties, Ash and Devin, at our home. My killer beef stew, Michael's favorite beer, dessert and fire pit on the patio. Oh and the latest episode of New Girl.

Saturday: Michael worked all day but we got a surprise call from our VA Beach Bff's - The Andrews - who were making a quick trip to Ikea. We got in the car and met them for a mini catch-up session over dinner...with 3 sweet children mind you. Our time together is never long enough Andrews!

Sunday: Michael chose to celebrate with a paella night. We invited the Vernons and Collins and David to come over all day to celebrate Michael. It was another fantastic evening of food, spanish wine and fabulous friends.

Monday: (Michael's actual birthday) We invited our families over for dinner and dessert - we ordered Cafe Rio for everyone - incredibly delicious. I crave it every day. We got him an awesome, home defense present.

And that was a great weekend! Nevermind Michael's incredibly painful infection that caused him to visit the doctors for 3 days and a horrible day at work when Monday was suppose to be his off day - we still made him feel loved and celebrated. He is the best and I am so thankful to get to spend my life with him!