Saturday, April 28, 2012


I've planted some flowers for the first time ever. They are still alive too. Our grass is super dead right now, so we needed some color to compliment our pretty little home. I have some more in mind to plant and then mulch needs to be filled in. Oh and Michael planted some azalea bushes for us too! I love beautifying things - that's a natural womanly instinct right? I just really hate bugs. But flowers are so lovely.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rolls and Water

 Carmen got to experience the kiddie pool for the first time last week. Her buddy, Colston, got a pool for his birthday so on our 90 degree day we walked over for some "summer" fun. She really liked it! I learned that one piece bathing suits are really not practical on the wee ones. SO hard to get on and off and change diapers in. Or maybe that just goes for my baby....with all the rolls. Carmen looked so adorable in her swimming tutu though, I may put up with the fight just to keep the cuteness factor high.


I stole this photo from Colston's mommy because our girl is just so precious here:
Squeeze away!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter is so fun with a little girl! Every day is fun with a little girl. If you don't have one, you need one. Here we are in our Sunday best, but really, here's Carmen:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Catch Up

March came and went but so much happened in that gloriously warm month. Our Shnookums turned 6 months old! Here's a photo moments before she turned and snapped the tulips, flung backwards, hit her head on the table, got covered in smelly tulip water from the vase that was laying on top of her. Happy Half Birthday Carmen! 

 We have introduced Carmen to solid foods. She's not the biggest fan as was highly anticipated by my parents and their recount of me gobbling up as much food as I could possibly handle at 6 months. She prefers the finest puree possible, sauce pan heated temperatures and a very clean mouth.
We had a whole play day with Aunt Jenny. She makes Carmen smile.

Aunt Heather started her on the ice cold beverages (of course not.) and we celebrated Aunt Bri's birthday and St. Patrick's Day together!

Mommy had a birthday too! She got lots of Starbucks. That ice cream cake was from Cold Stone. Oh yes.

Michael started our patio! It's made a lot of progress since this sand and gravel pit, but boy oh boy do we have a mess on our hands. It's going to be gorgeous and so summery when he's done.
Carmen loved the change in weather and continued being the cutest baby girl on the block. (And by block, I mean world.)

And then our Shnookums turned 7 months old!? She loves loves loves her daddy.

And one more because her dress and face are so fabulous.
And we're back!