Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Aaaand it's done

Our house went under contract within 6 days of being on the market. Everyone has stories of how fast their homes sold in the past but I didn't count on us being one of them. Fortunately, we had a lot of interested buyers and more than one offer so when this one in particular looked good, we took it! We are very thankful and will miss this house so much.

Now to begin the big time packing. I have a hard time bending over with my baby belly, get fully exhausted  after climbing 2 sets of stairs and notice that my feet start swelling with the smallest standing tasks so this should be fun. I also need to determine where everything we own goes - does it stay with us packed in light suitcases? Does it get fully wrapped and sealed and put into long term storage? Does it get thrown out/donated/given away? Thankfully, there isn't a whole lot going on right now besides planning my best friend's (!!!) bridal shower - which I love to do. If anyone loves to pack or watch one of the world's cutest little girls let me know.

In this season of major changes for our family, I've also noticed how incredibly overwhelming the world we are living in is. I feel that this is my time to simplify and reduce the worries. Everyone has something to say about your health care, your hobbies, your parenting style, your diet, the car you're driving, the household organization your using, etc. I cannot keep up. And I'm OK with that. I fully understand that these are folk's opinions or honest to goodness attempts at seemingly bettering the lives of others and I'm very thankful for our incredible outlets of social media that allow us to do this. But I find myself needing to draw back. There is no place for guilt in my life right now. We are trying to be the best stewards of what we've been given and I can't put outside pressure on myself. What does this mean? Well, I buy Cheez-its and let my daughter eat them. I can't always afford the non-GMO/all organic/artificial flavor-free treats.  We eat at Chick-fil-A a lot and I get Carmen 4 count nuggets, the fruit cup and chocolate milk every time. I don't feel guilty. I drive an SUV and use a lot of gas. So be it. I don't keep labeled clothing bins or organized cleaning product baskets (some day I will!). I don't Purell Carmen's hands unless I'm completely grossed out with where we've been. I usually forget to even wash her hands. She has eaten a handful of topsoil straight out of the bag - literally - and swallowed it all. We just washed it down with water, because, what else could we do?! I don't have the energy or desire to meal plan above and beyond the following check list: Are we getting protein? Are there good nutrients in it? Will it fill our bellies? Is there cheese in my future? And there we have it. Thankfully we have no reason to cut out certain food groups and take on the anxiety of all that - that would be too much for me right now. All I'm trying to express here is that, if it fits for you, living intentionally yet with no fads to follow can be acceptable and, in my case, burden-lifting. The comparison game is exhausting and not the way the Lord calls us to live. I have to actively release the guilt I feel when I read a snippet of someones recommendations for doing something better. I'm picking my battles cautiously these days and training my mind to be set on things above. It's the only way I can live. I'm probably in a small minority of northern VA minds, but I'd rather be here. I'm so grateful for God's gifts in my life and my intention is to approach each day with thankfulness in everything.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Selling Our Home

 We have no real updated news yet other than the fact that we put our home on the market a few days ago. It's bittersweet for us. We're excited about the prospects but a little sad to say goodbye to our first official home. We are planning on staying in the area until we know more about where Michael's job may take us in the future. It's all unknown, but that's alright with us. We're trusting and trying to patiently lean on the Lord for his timing and provision. 

Our house sure is pretty! You know how staging and organizing makes you look at your rooms in a whole other way? Well, our space looks great and we, of course, wish we hadn't waited so long to rearrange a couple rooms. If you know our address you can google it and see the official listing and check out a few more pictures that I didn't take. Our patio, flower beds and grass are so pretty now too! Michael does a great job gardening and caring for our yard. We plan on soaking it all in until the time comes to move out. 

Here are some pictures I snapped as I was leaving it ready for a showing. If anyone needs to buy a perfect family townhome, act quickly! It's a great one.