Sunday, November 17, 2013

We Had a Baby

 Brooks Logan Daubert
August 2, 2013
8lbs 11oz 
20 1/2 inches

He is awesome! We loved him from the first moment we saw him! 

Big sister got to meet her beloved baby brother. She couldn't get enough.

She got to open her present from Brooks that afternoon.

He was a sleeping, eating and alert champ right off the bat. I was so thankful.

First full day at home, Carmen fell asleep holding Brooks. One of our favorite moments as parents so far. 

Love how little his head was compared to that pacifier.

So darn cute. 

His labor was from about 7:45am to 12noon, then I pushed for a long hour (I was defeated and totally exhausted). But it worked and he finally made his way out at 1:15pm that Friday! Happy, healthy and big! Again, my doctor was the best ever and I loved my nurse even more than the first time. If we aren't in the area next time this happens, I don't know what I'll do without Dr. Wolf. But anyway, Brooks is our precious, precious little boy and is the perfect addition to our family. We can't get enough!

Summer 2013 Photo Recap

After a much needed blogging hiatus, I am back with some updates and another round of posts.  A lot has gone on since May of this year and, at the same time, not much has gone on. 

We moved into my generous parent's home and have been basement dwellers ever since selling our house. I have only seen 2 spiders and 2 mice. Praise be to God, that's pretty good for 6 months. One of the first things we did was set up for the new baby. Here's my handy husband putting up the crib (notice it's at the foot of our bed. Little House on the Prairie style)

Here I am getting really fat with this baby boy. I'm not having a pity party, just being honest.
 It's what summer pregnancies do.

We spent a lot of time outdoors. Well, no, other people did. I tried to avoid the outdoors from the above mentioned pregnancy. Carmen loves, and I mean LOVES, to run outside. If it's possible for a toddler to be considered athletic then she is.  

I put this blurry image in here because she looks identical to me when I was this age.

Getting the spa treatment at her first haircut. Stephanie has styled my hair since I was 15 years old. 

It really just reshaped her mullet. 

We spent the 4th of July at home and it was lovely. Michael was asked to help out with a store transition for Chick-fil-A up in Philadelphia for two weeks. We spent 2 long weeks apart but it was worth it because he ended up getting the job later on (more on that). Luckily I didn't go in to labor while he was gone.
This was the extent of trips to the pool for me and Carmen. 9 months pregnant mommy wasn't quite ready to bare it all at the baby pool. 

Then finally, here we were on August 1st going through the last bedtime routine as a family of 3. We spent an extra long time with her that night and cherished seeing her as our little tiny girl.