Wednesday, February 22, 2012

At a loss for words

Sweet Carmen. I love you. I wish I had the ability to write a beautiful letter to you. But my words are not elegant or beautifully poetic enough to even come close to saying what's inside my heart. If I could express my thoughts and feelings adequately, tears would be flowing from everyone's eyes. The love I have for you, the joy I get from you, the bond we have is too deep and I am at a loss when I want to express it in writing. Other people can talk, speak, and compose much better than I can. It's not my strength. I hope that you won't ever feel unloved because I  fail to write to you well. I hope that my actions and life make up for it. I hope you know the depth of my love by the way I hold you, talk to you, play with you, feed you, cuddle you and teach you. I hope that the way I sing to you and laugh with you writes upon your heart more than a letter from me could. You may not have tangible memories of it, but I hope that there's an undeniable certainty of how much I love you and care for you.  You are my gift, my special girl!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Jesus Please

I have been so saddened by some discussions on abortion sparked by Virginia's current progress in passing new legislation. I'm saddened by the revelation of people's deep depravity apart from Christ. My heart is heavy and aches for the lost. I so strongly desire to see these people be changed by the power of Christ.

Michael has been engaging old coworkers in thoughtful, respectful conversations on the fact of when life begins. Michael has such a sweet spirit, tuned into the heart of God and His justice and righteous anger. Michael believes that we have a responsibility to tell these men and women the truth or at least try. He's right, we do. But that's where I get discouraged. The worldly "debate" of when life begins just simply can't happen because to a non-believer (even some who call themselves believers) it just doesn't make sense. Their arguments make perfect sense to them because they are without communion with our Wonderful Savior and Creator of Life and ALL that is in this world, who, through His Word, teaches us the beauty and sanctity of life. They don't follow our rationale so any proof you give them seems as rubbish. You can't have a fruitful discussion if the two parties absolutely disagree on the fundamental basics. You go in circles. It's so frustrating to read truthful, powerful responses and then see others foolishly fight against the truth. The only thing I can do is pray. Pray for more Jesus. Pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit lives will be saved and hearts will be changed. I can pray for more people like my husband to stand up for truth and speak it to the lost in hopes that God uses them to bring His Gospel. So pray with me friends, it's our best resource in these times of trying to drive out darkness and fill it with Light!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not really sure how much I want to blog these days. I'm trying to work on her baby albums whenever I get a free moment on the computer so that generally comes first. Plus Carmen is just too fun in real person for me to sit in front of a screen when we could be playing. She's five months old now and has a super happy, silly personality. I'm reading up on starting solids and what foods are best because I know that new phase is on the horizon. I don't want to start before 6 months, probably a little after that, but boy does she eye our food during meal times. Her little lips start smacking and her tongue starts moving and she follows the movements of the fork from the plate to the mouth. I have no doubts she'll do well and enjoy her new foods. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This is a clip from about a month and a half ago. My little sister Brianna (Aunt Bri) is trying to make Carmen laugh. It's really nice to have someone as energetic as my sister play with Carmen every once in a while. I love to play with her everyday but it's also fun to watch your baby laugh at other people.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beautiful Girl

Can a baby be stunning? I think so. Carmen is picture perfect.  

I have so many nicknames for her:
1.  CariBelle (CAR-ee-bell)
2.  CariBaby
3.  Sugar Bunny
4.  Doodle Doo
5.  Pumpkin Doodle
6.  Sweet Pea
7.  Sugar Baby
8.  Doll Baby

She talks SO much! Almost as much as she smiles and laughs. It's captivating. I often want to video tape it but then I think, 'no, I want to enjoy this moment fully for myself," so my memory is full of her giggles, coos and smiles. Carmen is starting to grab on to her toes (I was worried she would have my inflexibility, but I think Michael's genes pulled through.) and is almost ready to sit up by herself. Right now, she's still falling over after a few seconds. I'm working on her baby album and actually just printed the first one. It turned out to be an album of only her first week of life because I has so many pictures. Oops. But like most things the pictures get less and less through time so I should be able to squeeze a few months into the next album. She's a dream come true!

So much love

One of my besties, Amanda turned 25 in January. Amanda loves red dresses and loves taking pictures so we had grand plans of dressing up, going out to dinner, doing a photoshoot and going out for drinks.  A couple hours into getting ready, Amanda decided on doing take out and staying home to cuddle Carmen. (The rest of the ladies did go out for drinks later, but I stayed home with my little lady.) We at least attempted a photoshoot:

Not a single picture was taken where we all were making the same face. 

And for my ultimate favorite picture of the night: what the heck was going on? And please note Carmen.

 Never a dull moment.