Friday, January 4, 2013

We're Having a Baby!

It's true! Baby #2 is here and real. This sweet baby is due somewhere around the end of July to early August. Our 20 week ultrasound will give us a more accurate measurement of when this babe is due. 

The timing is so perfect. Carmen will nearly be 2 years old when the baby arrives. It's also the same season as my first pregnancy which means I can wear all the same clothes and (if it's a girl!) use all of Carmen's baby clothes too. We are so grateful to Jesus for this precious gift. 

Attending the first appointment this second time around was even more fun. The nerves were less, it was like a big reunion with the nurses and my OB, and the magnitude of how incredible this image was seemed deeper than before. It was so neat to look at the screen and then look over at Carmen sitting on Michael's lap. Dr. Wolf gave us a few video clips of the ultrasound and baby's arms and legs are moving and wiggling just like a newborn does. 

I'm totally nauseous. The late afternoon and nighttime are the hardest. It was this way with Carmen but this time I can't chill on the couch, I have to cook dinner for my sweet one year old. I'm very much OK with it; it reminds me of the growing baby and that things are good and healthy. I'm also showing already! I'll get Michael to take a picture, but I'm sure if you've seen me in the last few weeks you've already suspected something. Second time around doesn't play games.