Tuesday, May 25, 2010

House pics 1.0 Master Bath

I love it. (I purposefully left out the shower since Michael was in it the time.)This is my favorite mirror ever. I don't know why it took us so long to get it.

RIP Bibble

Bibble died last week. Brianna took such good care of him. Actually, I think my whole family really embraced him as the family pet. He lived a whole 5 months. (Shortest life span of a beta fish I have ever heard.)

Brianna said, "I found him one morning floating at the top with really huge eyes and a white face. He died in peace. I slowly cried."

My dad wrote a eulogy for him and read it aloud over a family dinner. It started out "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish." Couldn't be more appropriate. Brianna cried at that too.

New Blog

There's a blog worth reading and checking out every once in a while. I may or may not be married to someone involved in it. If you like truth and current issues and politics, then you will certainly think it's a good read.

Enjoy my friends!

I did it again

I made more invitations to Heather's wedding festivities. Behold the cuteness:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Too busy to blog, but

Here are some pictures of things that are keeping me from blogging. 50 handmade invitations to my sissy's bridal shower. I LOVE the Paper Source. I go there at least twice a week and look around but since I'm throwing this party, I was able to buy so many fun papers and stamps in order to make these invites.

Sticking with the tropical theme of yellows, pinks and greens, this is my first attempt at being artsy. I might take a class in July on how to get really creative with stamps. I sound like a dork.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Portico Band

So on our last Sunday at Portico , Michael recorded us singing Revelation Song using my tiny little ipod. It's really a terrible recording but it's so fun to listen to it. The guys in the band are so incredible. Each one is so talented and should be famous. Jen, as always, singing with you is one of my favorite things ever! I'm still tearing up over that last Sunday together.


(I also might want there to be more than "1" views on this youtube video. Shameless plug, but I don't care.)

Tough Life

This is where I am 2 days a week. If you have a boat, I think you should sail it up here to come see me. Old town is behind me and it's really cute.