Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We've been a little busy this past month. I haven't had much time for blogging and internet use. So I apologize for the "boring" site. I hope that you have not been classically conditioned to not check Los Dos Daubertos blog. 

Many things have gone to the wayside....I hate to admit it. House work is one of the hardest things for me to keep up. I'm pretty much gone from 8am till 5:45pm each day which doesn't leave much energy to prep food, cook, wash dishes, throw in a few loads of laundry, vacuum the floors, clean the baths, change the sheets, and on and on and on. 

Changing my sheets can be difficult to do. We have a duvet cover on our bed, which means we also have the down comforter insert. I like to wash the duvet every so often (A fabulous wedding gift from the bedding line of Tommy Bahama) to keep it looking great. However, can anyone offer a better way to stuff a king size down comforter back into a king size duvet??? If you've ever done it, you can imagine the drama that it entails.  I spread the duvet out as good as I can on top of our bed, crawl under the opening at the foot of the bed and drag the huge insert in  behind me.  I struggle inside the duvet cover fighting against static electricity, an uncooperative down comforter, and unmarked trails of where the corner of the duvet actually is located from the inside out. Even if I manage to get the whole down insert in the duvet, I now have a mangled duvet cover to spread out.  

This time I am completely inside the duvet cover in the midst of a struggle to pull the down insert up while I hop in the air on all fours. I hear Michael walk in the room talking to himself then realize, no, he's video taping me. I must look ridiculous when I do this, like a child playing inside her sleeping bag. As far as I know, though, it's the only way to put our comforter together. Maybe next time, I will opt for a normal, non-duvet comforter.

I would put the video clip on here if I knew how, just to show you how frustrating it is. So it's house work like this that keeps me away from the blogosphere. But at least we have a clean bed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My favorite blonde joke of all time:

A blonde girl opened a box of Cheerios and yelled, "Look Daddy! Donut seeds!"

I'm laughing right now it's so cute, and I get blonde highlights.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Park Here

Over the past four years UVA home games have been quite the "to-do" with my family. The parents have 4 season tickets, in a fantastic section of the stadium I might add, and with a sports fanatic Father, Brother and Husband every game is a big deal. But the best part about home football games is the money making opportunity. In the back of my parents UVA house, "The Chateau," is a huge gravel lot. Why is that important? Because you can craftily fit 35 cars in the space and at the rate of $25 a car - that is a beautiful sight. Yes folks, football fans will indeed pay twenty-five dollars to park. 

We have quite a system worked out and I will venture to say we have the hottest venue on Price Avenue. My dad is the parking facilitator, money collector, friend maker, tailgate overseer. Preston and Michael stand at the bottom of the driveway sporting the hot pink sign I made that reads "PARK HERE." Competition with the neighbors has increased this year so their role is vital these days. And I, well, I work the corner. 

Four years and counting I have stood on the corner of Maury Ave and Price Ave holding my neon orange poster that says "PARK" with an arrow pointing towards our house.  I might be a bit prideful in saying this but I do believe that I am famous among the football regulars. No no it's not all glamour and sunburn, I deal with my fair share
 of drunk rednecks. The following are a brief sampling of comments hurled my way - every UVA home game:

-"Hey there! Can I park next to you?"
-"How much hunny?"
-"Park? Where's the park?"
-"I bet if you hike up them shorts you might get more people."
-"I like your boots." 
-" So that's how y'all do it! Send a pretty girl to hold the sign." 
-"Why don't you put a bikini on?"
-"Wanna come drink some moonshine?"
-"Hey hunny! Haven't seen you in forever" (Mind you I am there every week.)
-"Woo Woo Hey girl!"

Here's a pic of some of the Hoo Crew in 2005:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

#1 Fan

Sunday has been a beautiful day here in Charlottesville although unusually hot for October. Michael plays on a local adult soccer league and had a game this afternoon. He's been out of sports for a few months because of knee issues and was therefore really excited to play today. I, being the supportive wife, went to watch. I took pictures and video footage of the boys playing because I thought it'd be nice to document their youth and agility. Here are some fun shots from the day, he's in the green:

Michael the goalie
Brad's Booty