Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Name

Our baby boy is 

Brooks Logan Daubert

We love his name and cannot wait to see his sweet life. 
Back before Carmen was born, Michael latched on to the name "Brooks" and I grew fond of it too. We're not sure where he got the idea from. We don't know anyone named Brooks other than a pro-hockey player and a pro-baseball player, but they weren't the original source of liking that name. We just do. "Logan" is a given because one: it's awesome and two: it's Michael's middle name. For the past two years we've talked about little Brooks. We always knew we'd have him but didn't know when we'd get to meet him - until now!

Michael mentioned him by name during the gender reveal ultrasound and it seemed right. Sweet Brooks, we think you'll just be the cutest darn thing we've ever seen! (Your older sister has won out for the most beautiful thing we've seen.: )) 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's a........


We got an early surprise at my 17 week visit when we found out that baby #2 is a little boy. Michael and Carmen came into the room with me (the nurses were so amazing and totally let me switch rooms to be in the  ultrasound room) and it took Dr. Wolf about 5 seconds to find that it is, without a doubt, a boy. We were both so surprised. Mostly because this is only our second baby and we were only pulling from the experience of having found out Carmen was a girl. My pregnancy has been relatively the same as the last so I had no reason to suspect something was different. Carmen was absolutely uninterested in the whole ultrasound and just sat twirling her hair in Michael's lap. She was too cute. Oh big sister. 

This is me at 18 weeks pregnant.

I feel very, very pregnant already. I know I'm not super huge yet, but my body feels like it skipped the whole 2nd trimester phase and went straight to being near impossible to climb stairs and bend over. I'm being dramatic. It's not that bad. I can still wear normal clothes, but maternity is definitely more comfortable. 

I first felt baby boy move at only 15 weeks. I feel him all the time and it's so cool. I first felt Carmen at 17 weeks along. 

It's so weird to me - baby boy?! He has nothing to wear. I only have pink. And a pink boppy. But I love pink and won't be getting rid of it any time soon. But he won't be wearing it.  

So here we are, 1 Girl and 1 Boy! What a blessing.