Tuesday, August 19, 2014

After 9 Months in Texas, We Are Off...

to New Jersey! 

(Some folks down here don't actually know where Jersey is located. Gosh, I love Texas!)

We just found out that Michael's next assignment begins on September 1st in Woodbridge Township, NJ. Quite the change from our tour of Texas. We are excited for many reasons but mostly because this move puts us in close proximity to sooo many people we love and can't wait to see. We really don't know anything else at this point. We aren't even sure how we're getting there. Or where we're living. But it'll be fun and we'll make some more memories!

I can already taste the fancy food of NYC, see the pretty Jersey Shore sunsets, and imagine changing up my limited 4 shirt wardrobe by adding colorful scarfs. I also fully anticipate missing Texas. North Texas. I would love to have lived in Austin or Houston for a little while too, but at least I know we could be happy in Dallas.

I don't even know where to begin to catch you up on the last several months here in Plano so maybe I'll leave you with a video: A glimpse of a bedtime dance party on a yoga mat that's never once been used for yoga with giggles, tears, half-braided pigtails, no pants and frightening awesome dance moves by Michael

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amanda june said...

How are there no comments on this post? I love everything about this but most importantly the dance video which I could watch on repeat for hours. Love to the Daubert fam!