Thursday, March 27, 2014

March in Plano

We get to stay in the Dallas area for the month April. Michael begins his third month at the same store. He is very excited about the opportunity to see growth within the team he has set in place. They are beginning some fun marketing campaigns to help draw students back into this store. He has great ideas and his employees love him. It's fun to go see them at the mall and hear about how they like working there with him. I know Michael is a great leader, but it is always so rewarding to see others affirm this too.

Carmen loves to see Daddy at work every chance she gets. I wish we could spend all day there. Being a part of his job is so fun for us.

Early this month we flew back home to Virginia to visit our families. Michael didn't get to come because he had training in Atlanta that week. I loved seeing how happy Carmen was to see our families and friends again! I miss you all so much! It was lovely, however I honestly don't think I will choose to fly alone again. We had a layover in Atlanta which made for a very long day of flying with two babies. Something about the altitude makes Carmen poop the biggest poops she can and just imagine being in the way back of the plane with Brooks on my lap, no where to move, cheese-it crumbs all over the place, no where to change her diaper, the smell just sitting there, and I just prayed that it wouldn't leak out until we got off the plane. My prayers were answered thankfully. And I swore off doing that ever again despite the kids being pretty good passengers. And thank you Jesus for our iPad! We watched Frozen over and over again.

March has also brought another birthday for me! Actually....I wasn't excited about this one - 28. Too close to 30. Despite being alone in Dallas, Michael made me feel so loved. He had 5 presents waiting for me when we got home from the airport: 

I love presents. There was one for each day leading up to my birthday. AND he even put one present in each bag for Carmen. He thought of everything.

On my actual birthday we went out to breakfast at Breadwinners Cafe:

Then we went to dinner at THE BEST restaurant we've eaten at yet, Whiskey Cake:

Everything we ate was worth eating 10 times over. Pictured above is the actual whiskey cake and I'm laughing in the pic because Carmen blew out my candle mid-song. Happy Birthday If you come visit us in Dallas, we will take you here to eat. We are trying to come up with reasons to go back. 

And Brooks is now up from his morning nap....gotta go get the little shark. 

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Boni said...

loved hearing about the month of March and seeing the photos. enjoy springtime in Dallas!